CPR Awareness

Cablebel champions CPR awareness campaign launched by Europacable

Cablebel supports Europacable’s CPR awareness campaign

Launched by Europacable and supported by Cablebel, the CPR awareness campaign aims to help all construction professionals fully understand the implications of the CPR on the cable industry and to help them comply with this regulation.

From 20 May 2019, the awareness campaign will cover 15 countries in Europe.

Electrical installers can sign up for My CPR Coach, Europacable’s training programme here.

Various initiatives will be put in place, including checklists for installers, specifiers and wholesalers, as well as white papers on each Member State’s national requirements for the reaction to fire of cables.

To find out more about the RPC, visit the EUROPACABLE CPR website.

Metal Prices – Important information

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Please note that as of October 1, 2023, metal prices will no longer be published by Cablebel

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